Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis ”Blachownia”

BlachowniaA research unit in the field of organic chemistry. Since 1952, it has been a reliable partner of both Polish and foreign organisations in the field of design, implementation and improvement of chemical technologies, product manufacturing and sales. It is one of the best institutes in Poland.

It does scientific, research, development and implementation work in the area of chemistry, conducts chemical tests and analyses. Its competence and experience are proved by numerous publications, patents and commercial implementations.

With its modern measurement and research equipment, it can provide complex services in research, analysis, consulting and design and in the field of scientific and technical information.

The Institute “Blachownia” started as a Department of the Chemical Synthesis Institute in Kędzierzyn on 2 January 1952. It has been called the Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis ”Blachownia” since 31 March 1973.

The Institute’s achievements:

  • 865 industrial implementations,
  • 1548 patents, including 56 foreign ones,
  • 1973 papers published in Poland and abroad,
  • 1496 presentations,
  • 12 international contracts for technology transfer and 3 for their improvement.

Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis ”Blachownia”

ul. Energetyków 9
47-225 Kędzierzyn-Koźle
tel.: +48 77 487 34 70
fax: +48 77 487 30 60