Prosperous companies are an important part of Kędzierzyn-Koźle, where some of the biggest Polish chemical and photographic enterprises have their seats.

Below there is a short description of companies which have been active here for many years or which have recently decided to invest in the city; companies thriving on the local, regional, national and even international market.

Air Products

One of the biggest companies in the world that deals with gases and chemicals, known for introduction of organisational innovativeness and efficiency. It is present on the industrial, technological, power and medical global market by supplying a unique range of atmospheric, process and special gases. It also offers maintenance services. Its main products are compressed and liquid gases. The company is a leader in the field of safety.


Quite a young but thriving company. It operates in the branch of ferrous metals, heat treatment, machining and metal products. It offers precision elements, machine parts and their assembly. The company does business in Europe.


The company specialises in distribution of chemical raw materials for all branches of the industry. One of its founders and shareholders is the company Ixochem, which also successfully sells chemical raw materials. Brenntag Polska deals with distribution of many specialist chemical raw materials, plastics, synthetic rubbers, packaging and also liquid and solid fodder additives. It cares for the environment and its surroundings and aims at limiting the impact of the realised processes.

CeWe Color

The company belongs to the European concern CEWE COLOR AG&Co, which has photographic laboratories in Germany, Great Britain, Denmark, France, the Czech Republic and Hungary. It has been present on the Polish market since 1992 and offers a wide range of photographic products. It has laboratories in Grudziądz and Kędzierzyn-Koźle, where cutting-edge photographic technology is used. Its high quality products can be bought in 24 European countries and the USA.


The company has been active in Poland since 2006. It is the seventh in the world and second in Europe company that builds passenger, trade, multi-purpose, rescue and military vessels. Introduction of new technologies has helped find new clients more easily. The history of the shipyard is much longer, though. It started in the post-war period when the shipyard was opened as a complex of ship-building companies located in the Koźle region. At that time it renovated vessels destroyed and sunken during the war. In 1951, it was given the name of Kozielskie River Shipyards. At first, its operation concentrated on repair services and later it also included construction of new vessels.


The company was established in 1950 and has experience in design, production and supply of process apparatus, machines and devices for various branches of the industry, in Poland and abroad. The company also specialises in production and supply of parts and components for construction machinery used by producers from many European countries. In addition, Famet offers thermal, flow and strength calculations, as well as full technical, license and workshop documentation. It also provides services in the area of technical consulting, assembly supervision, repair and supply of spare parts.

Grupa Azoty

Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. is an important part of the biggest Polish chemical company – Grupa Azoty. It is a multigenerational company with traditions which respects human and social values. Its business is based on two pillars – artificial fertilisers and OXO alcohols and plasticisers. The company’s mission is to provide clients with high quality products. Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. has well-known products, for example Kędzierzyn Ammonium Nitrate®, Salmag fertilisers®, Oxoplasts® and certified AdBlue®.

Great responsibility of Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A. is targeted at development and investments aimed at using environmentally-friendly technologies. The company stresses high standards of cooperation with clients, as well as effectiveness of the programmes implemented and used. It takes action in the areas important for its employees and surroundings: care for high quality and product safety, high culture of client service and financial credibility of the company. Care for the environment and work safety, perfection of organisation, supporting employee development, care for their health and good retirement are the foundations of the company’s management strategy. The aim of these actions is to gain partners’ satisfaction with cooperation with Grupa Azoty ZAK S.A., engagement of the employees’ own potential and positioning the company as a company of first conscious and good choice. It is a safe employer with a Golden Card of Leader of Safe Labour.

Grupa Azoty – a key European group from the chemical sector, present in the branch of construction plastics, nitrogen and multicomponent fertilisers, as well as OXO alcohols and plasticisers. At present, it takes the fifth place among integrated European producers of polyamides and is the only Polish producer of polyoxymethylene. It is also a leading producer of mineral fertilisers operating in the European Union. In its strategy, Grupa Azoty concentrates on development, innovativeness and care for the environment.

Magna Cosma

In 2012, the company took over the company NTP set up by Roland Cibis in 1995, which specialised in production of die machines. Magna is the most versatile supplier in the automotive sector globally. Having started with the production of extrusions and welded components, Cosma has turned into a leading global supplier of a light car and frame of the SUV type. It is also a leader on the market of suspension modules.

Marma Polskie Folie

Established in Kędzierzyn-Koźle in 2009 as a result of taking over the company ChemPack in Kędzierzyn-Koźle by the company Marma Polskie Folie from Rzeszów. The plant specialises in production of industrial packaging, including industrial foils, valve bags and flat bags. Production was launched in the 1970s in the former Chemical Plant “Blachownia”. In 2003, the company ChemPack became a private-owned company. At present, thanks to new technical solutions of the produced packaging, the company may fulfil all wishes of clients. It is regarded as a reliable and attractive trade partner.

Marma Polska is a leader of plastics processing in Europe and successfully offers products for millions of clients.


PCC Synteza has been an independent economic entity in the PCC Group since 1.01.2001 but its history dates back much earlier. Since the 1960s, it was part of the Chemical Plant ”Blachownia”. In 1997, the PCC Group first rented the plant and then bought it with the right to continue production. The installations taken over were modernised many times. Technologies were elaborated jointly by the Institute of Heavy Organic Synthesis in Kędzierzyn-Koźle and the Chemical Plant “Blachownia”. At present they are jointly owned by the Institute and PCC. The latest product group of the company are base oils for engine fuels additives and for engine petrols of the newest generation. One of its priorities is care for the natural environment. The company participates in the programme “Responsible Care”, the aim of which is care for the environment and activities aimed at improvement of work safety and health protection.


Petrochemia Blachownia S.A. in Kędzierzyn-Koźle is one of the three plants of the Chinese concern Wanhua in Central Europe. Its basic activity is production of aromatic carbohydrates obtained when processing raw benzole and petrochemical fractions. The company has a specialised laboratory equipped with cutting-edge specialist devices thanks to which it can precisely monitor product quality and offer analytical services for other companies. The history of the company dates back to 1952, when the Coke-Chemical Plant Blachownia was established. The installation was built in the place of the synthetic fuels plant destroyed during the war. Since 1998, it has done business under the name Petrochemia Blachownia as a separate company. Since then, the company has introduced new technologies and opened new installations.