The Investors Zone is there to provide comprehensive services to investors interested in doing business in Kędzierzyn-Koźle. Our team of experienced specialists offers support in information and data sourcing, obtaining the required permits as well as legal and procedural expertise. We assist the investors both throughout the investment and after its completion. We also offer networking and communication support.

> Provide information on the investment conditions as well as applicable regulations and procedures related to investments and business operation
> Obtain statistical, economic and legal information as needed
> Arrange meetings with local government representatives and entrepreneurs for domestic and non-domestic investors
> Liaise with potential business partners
> Arrange and receive trade missions, in collaboration with the local government as well as business and other institutions

The town has a favourable geographical location:
> It is well-communicated and situated near major communication route intersections (motorways, railways)
> Sources of raw materials as well as trade markets are available
> Optimum communication with major urban centres such as Opole, Wrocław and Katowice
> Its topography favours investment as vast terrains are readily available

Qualified human resources:
> All levels of education:
> Primary schools
> Middle schools
> Vocational training,
>General education secondary schools
>Technical secondary schools
> Higher education opportunities offered by branches of the Opole University of Technology

Advanced professional training:
> Inland Waterway School Complex –
> Technical and General Education School Complex
> School Complex no. 3 in Sławięcice
> Centre for Practical and Lifelong Learning

> Preferential assistance from local authorities (participation in the costs of providing utility infrastructure to the investment area, tax allowances and exemptions, assistance in the investment procedures)
> Positive attitude towards external investments among the local community
> Active business environment
> Activities of the CHEM-STER Speciality Chemicals Cluster
> A business incubator
> The town has a long industrial tradition and is a major chemical industry centre nationwide
> Diverse portfolios of the local businesses may lead to potential synergies
> Renowned companies have their headquarters in this area: Grupa Azoty ZAK
Brenntag Polska, etc., Air Products, Berger, Cewe Color, Damen Shipyards, Famet, Magma Cosma, Marma Polskie Folie, Pcc, Wanhua.