Investment areas

KKPP has in its offer the land of the total area of  77 ha, which consists of thirty land plots of various areas. The area is covered by the local spatial development plan, developed, with full infrastructure and well communicated with the motorway. The land plots may function separately or they can be combined in bigger units.  Owing to cooperation with the Katowice Special Economic Zone, income tax and real estate tax relief is possible.

Southern Field

The area under the operation by the Katowice Special Economic Zone .
Southern Field is an industrial area of 77 ha. It lies between the railway tracks on the  Blachownia Holding border and Naftowa Street. There are not too many places of such an investment potential as Southern Field in the Opole region, which together with the industrial area of Blachownia, offer very good conditions for establishing new production plants and creating new jobs. This area is one of the best economic  strengths of Kędzierzyn-Koźle.

Intended use:

  • industrial investments;
  • location of technical facilities,  municipal services objects and  economic administration as  auxiliary functions.


  • road infrastructure:  asphalt access road, 19 km from the A4 motorway junction, 3 km to the national road;
  • gas network – connections on the plot border;
  • power network – electricity on site, connections on the area borders, waste treatment plant nearby;
  • water and sewerage system  – on site, connections on the area borders, waste treatment plant in immediate proximity;
  • telephones – telephone lines on the plot border.

Owner:  Kędzierzyn-Koźle Municipality
Legal status: perpetual usufruct
Location: The City of  Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Osiedle Sławięcice [Sławięcice Quarter]
Plots no. : 40/3; 40/4; 40/5 and 41
Area:  76,8357 ha

Additional information
The area with no surface water pollution and waste on the surface.
No underground or surface obstacles (vacant land).
According to the municipal spatial development plan, plot ratio is up to 90%, no height limitations.


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